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Triple Bond Repair Booster Serum - 100ml

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Article: Your Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of Acne

Your Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of Acne | WishCare

Your Complete Guide On How To Get Rid Of Acne

Ah – acne... A nightmare for many boys and girls.

Acne problems first start making themselves visible during your teenage years. As the years go by, it definitely becomes much more of a serious issue. If you’re lucky, you’ll get perfect flawless skin. But most often than not, you can find more people with acne than without acne.

Often perpetuated by oily skin and known to cause self-image issues and reduced body positivity in people afflicted with pimples and pimple marks, acne is often considered a curse. No matter how much you try, the acne never seems to go away. And since each person has a different skin type, one remedy that works for a person may not work for the other or show the same results.

But let me let you in on a little something. You can get rid of acne. Pinching yourself to see whether you’ve heard is just true? No more pinching; just read this article to determine how you can get rid of acne and what skincare routine you should follow.

Tips to remove acne

1.    Wash your face daily


Washing your face daily is important to keep the dirt and other impurities at bay. And make sure you don’t buy just any general cleanser.

Pick one that is specifically made for your skin type. For people with acne, you must use products that contain active ingredients that effectively fight off acne.

Neem is one such ingredient with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping your skin fight acne while letting your skin breathe freely. Use the Neem Tea tree face wash from WishCare, which contains both neem and tea tree in abundance. This face was also great for people with oily skin.


2.    Don’t go overboard with exfoliation


Only recently, the process of exfoliation was often overlooked. However, with the arrival of Instagram influencers and beauty and lifestyle bloggers, more people came to know about the positive effects of exfoliation on your skin.

However, exfoliation has now become too popular that people do it regularly. It is important to note that with a face full of pimples and whatnot, please go light on exfoliation.

Limit it to only 1-2 times per week, and chuck the mechanical exfoliation methods to gentler ones like AHA peels.


3.    Moisturize your skin


Moisturizing is just as effective on oily skin as it is on dry skin. When your skin becomes dehydrated, it tends to produce excess oil, which will further worsen your acne. Hence, ensure that you keep your skin moisturized at all times.

Aloe vera is an excellent product for moisturizers, and this is why we love the Pure Aloe Vera gel from WishCare. It also has Vitamin E content which together can nourish your skin and keep it deeply hydrated.


4.    Regularly clean and change your face towel


With time, dirt accumulates on your towel without you even recognizing it. This dirt is again transferred to your skin and makes your whole cleansing routine invalid. This is why you should make sure that you change your face towel regularly and have it thoroughly cleaned.


5.    Avoid foods that perpetuate acne


This is extremely important. You should avoid food items that perpetuate acne-like deep-fried food items, oily foods, sugar-rich foods, etc. Instead, go for leafy greens, veggies, and fruits, which are rich in anti-oxidants. The higher the content of anti-oxidants, the less oil is produced on your face, hence drastically reducing acne.


6.    Keep your bed and pillowcase clean


Just like changing your face towels and cleaning them regularly, other objects which are used daily, such as your bed and pillowcase, should be cleaned too. Dust and dirt can accumulate on them, so make sure you change them at least once every week. The same is the case with your mobile phone. You touch your phone several times a day, and when you later touch your face, you’re transferring all that unwanted dirt. So keep your phone’s screen clean, and you won’t have much to worry about.


7.    Don’t pop your pimples


Yes, we know it sounds quite exciting to have at least the joy of popping a pimple, but please don’t. It will only irritate your acne further and increase the healing time. So promise yourself that no matter how much irresistible it seems, you won’t pop a pimple.


8.    Drink lots of water


Whether you have acne or not, drinking at least 8-10 of water every day is essential to ensure that you have young, smooth, and glowing skin. Water also flushes out the toxins from your body, hence decreasing the intensity of your pimples and pimple marks.


Final thoughts

And that’s our simple yet super effective skincare routine that will help you get rid of acne. Understand that results that come along quickly won’t last long. So don’t damage your skin by using cheap products and cosmetics for your acne. Follow this routine every day, and step by step, you can achieve your goal of eliminating acne.

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